About Us

Long experience 


Before we’ve entered the path leading to HEMA, we’ve been a part of historical reenactment for years. Our team took part in numerous knight tournaments, including buhurt. That’s when we learned about the importantce of proper protection. We were wondering how to combine the best protection with hight level of mobility. So, we’ve started to manufacture our own arming garments and steel parts of armor, and later even civil clothing. First for our own needs, but later also for others.


First HEMA protective gear was designed by us in 2007 for Fechtschule Gdańsk, with Andrzej Zmuda Trzebiatowski and Jan Chodkiewicz. From that time such groups, other sport societies and teachers are our consultants in creating dedicated clothing and protectors. In the course of time we have extended our activity with products for treatise based duels. Then, in 2010, SPES Historical Fencing Gear came to existance.


The lengthy experience made us a leader in the safest, most convenient HEMA gear in the world. Even today we are regularly being mentioned in HEMA gear ranks with our jackets, pants, and covers. To share our passion, we try to support HEMA events and non-profit organizations all over the world. Together, we want to popularize knowledge and abilities connected with Historical European Martial Arts.


If you think that our products need to be upgraded or if you need anything new, do not hesitate to write to us. All opinions and suggestions are more than welcome. We are open to any cooperation with fencing groups. Feel free to contact us. We will be glad to welcome you to the group of SPES Historical Fencing Gear's friends.