"Vectir" Forearm and Elbow Protectors

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"Vectir" Forearm Protectors help to lessen the threat of injury during frequent historical fencing training. Additionally this model has elbow protection. Made of sturdy fabric and super-hard profiled plastic inserts, gives you high level of protection during fight. "Shell" elbow protectors, an extension of the forearm protector, is specially shaped to provide the most protection for the elbows possible without impeding movement.


Forearm and elbow protectors version 2.0, modified in our offer from 01/11/2013:
- achieved better protection thanks to single-element elbow protector made of polypropylene,
- better fitting PP bowl for the elbow; in comparison with the previous version, the elbow element does not stick out from the arm,
- eliminated weak protected place between elbow and forearm - previous version had 1,5cm gap. In version 2.0 elements overlap each other eliminating the gap,
- additional elastic tape on the back of elbow part makes this element stay better in place without moving,
- Velcro tape mounting of forearm part gives you the possibility of adjustment of the whole protector length,
- possibility to detach the elbow part if necessary.

Price for a pair.


“Vectir” Forearm and Elbow Protectors v.2.1 (04/2016):
- added holes (via holes) in the plastic element which allow additional binding to ensure better adjustment and keeping the protector in place.



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Fabric used: cotton, polypropylene

Weight: 0,90kg

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Protection quality
Federico (2014-01-17 10:33:20)

Supreme! And not more! They protect the whole forearm and elbow. Just added some soft pad to the inner part of the elbow shell, in order to use them w/o a long sleeve gambeson. The only negative aspect: they are really too long for the average forearm

Protection quality
Christian (2014-06-17 18:55:30)

By comparison to the old Vesir guards, these have several major flaws in my opinion. 1) The bend in the pieces running the length of the forearm causes it to taper into the wrist when wearing, not only reducing mobility, but also causing some strain and pain even when over a gambeson. 2) It is much thicker (unnecessarily) than the older Vesir, causing it to become much bulkier, again reducing mobility and even causing problems with gloves. It also means that when closing it around a gambeson, it leaves a strip unprotected on the inside of the arm, again unlike Vesir v1. 3) The length of the bracer is way too long, causing the elbow cup to sit in entirely the wrong place. It becomes significantly more usable without the elbow cup, at the cost of the protection. I'm 184 cm tall (6 feet), and by no means a small man, so this is an obvious design flaw for me. 4) The cup is entirely unpadded, basically just being a plastic piece, which means that without a gambeson, and even with, the relatively sharp edges will dig into you after short periods of usage. The build is strong and durable, but they are largely useless to me due to these flaws, hence certainly not worth the price.

Protection quality
adam (2014-09-03 10:09:44)

i agree they are too long in the forearm but grate protection

Protection quality
Pranciskus (2018-02-24 01:30:57)

it was too long for me too, but velcro is perfectly placed, so it is easy to adjust elbow cup. had to slide them alittle bit up to elbow side to give some space for gloves. elbows could have some padding, that's for sure (agree with Christian's opinion on that), but with jacket it doesn't seem to be a problem. by all means it is well designed and made product. the only downside i see, is that one size is not an option. i would gladly pick a smaller version.

Protection quality

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