"Red Lobster Limited" Heavy Gloves Level 2

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Heavy gloves "Red Lobster Limited" Level 2 are designed to protect hands which are exposed to injuries and wounds during HEMA training.

These HEMA gloves combine safety (a feature which SPES "Lobster" gloves are famous for) with innovative solutions and a new design of this HEMA gear.


To increase the level of protection, this model of SPES gloves was made of 800N puncture resistant fabric. You can find this fabric on:
• back of hands
• cuffs


HEMA gloves of this type cover all fingers with thumbs, which have new, better design. This element gives extra protection on sides and front of fingers. It lowers the risk of injury during training and HEMA tournaments. What is more, outer parts of hands and fingers are covered by overlaying shields made of polypropylene plastic.


Cuffs in these HEMA gloves, among 800N puncture resistance fabric and new type of plastic shields, have very important comforts, easing the process of putting the gloves on hands and mobility during sparring:
• they are narrower, easier to put on
• they are lighter and more elastic, not hindering the movement during fight, especially with a longsword
• they have additional ribbing, helping in fitting a glove to a hand shape
• there is an adjustable leather strap with a buckle on the wrist


Measurement: M/L
Palm girth (A) ~24cm
Wrist to end of middle finger (B) ~20cm
Wrist to end of thumb (C) ~15cm


Inside of these HEMA gloves is made of synthetic leather, ensuring a proper air circulation and more secure grip on a weapon.


"Lobster" gloves can be used by both advanced and beginning swordfighters, regardless of their sex. If you want to increase the level of protection of your hands, this model of HEMA gloves is for you!
With our HEMA gear your training with heavy arms, a feder or a dussack, will be safer!

Additional informations

Why is it worth choosing SPES gloves?
- new, built up shape of the thumb
- back of hands and cuffs of these HEMA gloves have 800N puncture resistance certificate
- cuffs have 3 polypropylene covers with a ribbing and leather strap
- inside is made of synthetic leather, ensuring a proper air circulation and more secure grip
- dedicated to any type of arm, both heavy and light
- designed for both beginning and advanced users during training and HEMA tournaments
- unique design


NOTE – this model of gloves for HEMA is limited and available in one size: M/L only


WEIGHT: 1157 g

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Average opinion
Protection quality
jeroen (2020-11-27 19:44:10)

Compared with the "level 1 lobsters" you have some changes at the thumb and some changes at the wrist. Price: For primarily only improving the thumb protection I don't know if it is so much better than the lvl 1 lobsters. Never the less, I would still buy this one over the old one. 4/5 Durability: can take an heavy beating, but the wires used in the gloves will get lose and fall apart. The lobsters will still be functionating after many battles of heavy sparring (half year 2-4 times a week 2 hour use review). 5/5 Protection: The thumb is an improvement, still would like to see better index, middle, ring and pinky finger top protection to make it an 5/5... so: 4/5 Mobility: more wrist movement available, but still the fingers can grab things just as bad as the old ones. 3/5

Protection quality
Karol (2021-03-30 17:28:28)

Very good protection. Thumb cap is superb. Limited mobility, but they are heavy lobster gloves - you should know what to expect. And in fact, it's not so bad. The only quality/design issue: after just three, not so hard, longsword sparrings I have to replace at least 4 rubbers (3 broken, 1 almost). Rubbers are exposed on the top of the plastic cuff cover plates. They are quite easy target and sword hits just cut them easily. You have to keep good sword protection of your hands or you'll have to buy a lot of spare rubbers to be able to fix them before covers will fall apart.

Protection quality

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