"JF" Fencing Jacket 350N

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„JF” Fencing Jacket 350N was based on a model produced by Jessica Finley. It is dedicated for light historical fencing trainings.

Two layers of fabric and double seams guarantee its durability. Moreover, the fabric used for production has the 350N puncture resistance certificate. Applied fabric and loose sleeves ensure comfort and ease of movement. The jacket is buttoned up with ten flat, metal buttons.

The jacket is available in three standard colours: black, red and white.
Custom colours are also available for 10€ surcharge which you can choose from our palette of colours.

You can modify your jacket by way of embroidery.

„JF” Fencing Jacket 350N perfectly matches Light Fencing Pants 350N.

Antibacterial dryers from the Repair and Maintenance Kit absorb moisture, keeping your jacket in good condition.

Standard sizes table: (+/- 1cm)

Sleeve length 62cm 65cm 65cm 66cm 66cm
Chest girth 85-94cm 95-104cm 105-114cm 115-122cm 123-135cm
Waist girth 74-83cm 84-94cm 95-106cm 107-116cm 117-125cm
Hips girth






Total legth 62cm 64cm 66cm 66cm 68cm


If you are interested in buying a jacket for a left-handed person, include such information in "additional information" box while placing an order. (No additional cost)

Additional informations

Outer fabric: 100% cotton

Inner fabric: 50% cotton, 50% polyester

Weight: 1 kg

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M (2016-11-25 17:53:05)

I have one of these for fencing rapier in -- minus the buttons being slow to button up (acceptable because they look cool, and why would I complain about buttons after seeing that it had a dozen buttons before I purchased it). The sleeves are generous and full and easy to move in, the cloth is wonderfully light (basically buy this for doing rapier if you just want the penetration resistant material.) I really like this jacket. It's a good cut. Also useful for crossover activities with reenactment/SCA if you don't want to buy a whole separate set of kit to participate.

Protection quality

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