Our HEMA shop provides durable and convenient torso protectors of high quality. Jacket for HEMA is an essential body protector in this discipline. HEMA protective gear you will find here was designed by specialists in the field of Historical European Martial Arts. This makes our HEMA equipment not only functional, but also safe. Fabrics in SPES jackets have certificates from reputed institutes. They are characterized by puncture resistance of 350N or 800N.


HEMA jacket — the base of a protective gear

HEMA jackets manufactured by SPES are made of high quality fabrics. Our company is in the heart of Europe, and here we make our HEMA protective gear. SPES jackets and other HEMA equipment meets the expectations of the most demanding enthusiasts. A true classic in our assortment is the “AP” 350N. This worldwide appreciated jacket for HEMA was the first one ever dedicated to this discipline. Our aim was to create a HEMA gear connecting the comfort of use with safety. HEMA is a discipline which is constantly evolving. Assortment of HEMA protective gear here is regularly growing. “AP” mentioned above is also available in the Light version and PRO version. “Hussar” jacket is the best choice for fighters who need the highest level of protection.

People who like classic solutions may be interested in our “FG”, “FG” Basic and “FG” PRO. Another product from the RETRO line in our HEMA shop is the “Officer” 350N. Its look refers to former HEMA jackets and the person of Alfred Hutton — one of the pioneers in this field.


If you decide on a product in two or more colors, in the comment to the order please inform us how you want to color the particular segments. Follow the graphic available HERE!