About Me

My name is Andrzej Zmuda Trzebiatowski. Welcome to my blog.

Since 1999 I’m involved in the reenactment movement and a range of activities connected with swordsmanship (HMB, IMCF, ACL, HEMA). For years I have been actively participating in developing the communities focused on history, caring for the goods of material culture, and foregone fencing traditions.

These interests resulted in taking the best places in numerous prestigious HMB and HEMA tournaments.

Most of all, I am committed to manufacturing the most secure equipment dedicated to HEMA and HMB. As a Clothing Historian and an expert in terms of protective garments, I also had a chance to support TV shows and museums as a consultant.

The founder and CEO of SPES Historical Fencing Gear. The co-founder and instructor in Toruń Fencing School (Toruńska Szkoła Fechtunku). The former vice president of Polish Association of Knight Fighting (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Walk Rycerskich). One of the benefactors of “Dybów Castle and Nieszawa Burgh” Foundation (Fundacja “Zamek Dybów i Gród Nieszawa”).

Andrzej Zmuda Trzebiatowski - the CEO of SPES Histfenc

Co-authors of SPES Histfenc Blog

Aleksander Zmuda Trzebiatowski – author of part of the posts. In private, Andrzej’s younger brother all his life 🙂 , and father of two doughters – Gabrysia and Helenka. Since he was 10, concerned with historical reenactment and medieval fighting, later also HEMA. Organizer and participant of numerous stagings and knights’ tournaments (with successes) in Poland and Europe. History, nature and military enthusiast. Fantasy, literature and active vacation lover.

Co-founder of TSF. President of “Dybow Castle and Nieszawa Burgh” Foundation. Organizer of numerous historical events and activation, eco, and touristic initiatives of social character. Supporter of young non-governmental organizations and social worker in contests’ commissions. Conscripted by Polish Deputy Prime Minister, member of Controlling & Monitoring Commitee of Civil Organizations’ Development Programme (KSM PROO) in years 2018-2030. Awarded with Golden Coach for Thorunian of the Year 2016.

Since the beginning, connected with SPES Medieval Market and SPES Histfenc. Producer of historical tents in SPES Histents. In his professional work, dedicated to marketing.

Mateusz Miedziński – worker of SPES Marketing Department since 2016. In private, literature and movie lover, enthusiast of broadly defined popculture and world of football. Blogger with longstanding experience.

On SPES Histfenc Blog, editor of posts, translator, but also cameraman and asembler.