WONDER WOMAN HEMA SET! Custom jacket and padded skirt

Today we are presenting the process of making another special HEMA set. AP Light 350N and HEMA Padded Skirt were inspired by the iconic female superhero from the USA. Let’s see how to change the characteristic Wonder Woman costume into a full-fledged HEMA gear.

Wonder Woman is a superheroine from American comic books published by DC Comics. The character came to existence in the 1940s. Since then, the adventures of Diana Prince seem to enjoy unflagging popularity. Today, you can watch Wonder Women in numerous action movies and video games.

Our idea on the Wonder Woman HEMA set

This project is unusual, as it will contain two items: a jacket and a padded skirt. The first one is well-known and appreciated AP Light 350N in the colors characteristic for the character: blue, red and yellow. The last one will replace gold elements from the original costume.

So, yellow parts will work as shoulder covers, bracelets, and gauntlets used by Wonder Woman to protect herself from various attacks. On the torso you can notice a characteristic W-shaped “corset” and golden chest cover, with stitching referring mostly to Diana Prince from the latest movies.

As you may remember, our regular AP Light has pockets in the front section and shoulders, which enable a simple modification of cushioning level. And if the gauntlets are not enough, this jacket can be easily upgraded with forearm covers from our offer.

Another element of the set is the blue skirt. It’s a modified HEMA Padded Skirt 350N from our regular offer. This one is fastened on the back. You can notice that parts of the skirt were lengthened, and bottom edges are V-shaped.

Let us know how you like our superhero series. Are there any specific characters you would like to see in HEMA versions?

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