Even PUFFIER pants! HEMA pants with historical touch

As you may remember, in one of our first posts we presented a pair of custom pants for a Landsknecht. Some of you in the comments pointed out that our pants – despite that they were inspired by iconography – should be puffier and more colorful to fit a Landsknecht costume.

So, you like puffiness? We’ll give you puffiness. Specially for you we have made a gear based on the illustration from the MEYER’s treatise.

How to make safe & outstanding pants for HEMA?

What is interesting, this model has slits on legs. Inside the openings, we have sewn special fabric inserts in contrastive color, which also give the impressive puffiness. What also catches the eye is a characteristic flap on the front, hiding the zipper and also referring to historical design with four teardrops made from synthetic leather and sewn on the fabric, making the X shape. The flap is fastened with two velcros on sides and, what is worth to underline, is consistent with our philosophy of the double-fastening in HEMA gear.

Below, under the knee, there is an elastic rubber in a tunnel. This prevents the pants from going up or down. For better fitting to the body shape, we’ve placed adjustable straps on the sides.

The whole project took some time as we had to think through how to keep the specific look and make the pants entirely of 350N fabric, without weaker points. And we managed to do this – it’s a full-fledged 350N HEMA gear of very characteristic design and historical touch. However, it is worth to underline that pants of this type require much more fabric than, for example, the Locust model – thus, they are heavier.

Soon you will find these in our webshop!

Basic features of our custom puffy pants for HEMA:

  • hot look 
  • 350N fabric 
  • bicolor (with various color combinations)
  • more space in legs (for example for additional covers under the fabric)
  • high comfort of wearing 
  • adjustable waist
@spes.histfenc another approach to puffy pants – soon in our webshop! #swordsman #sabre #martialarts #hema #clothing ♬ Mortal Kombat – The Immortal(S)

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