Winged hussar in HEMA version? Difficult but possible

Another great challenge for us! This time a customer wanted to get a complete set for HEMA based on the armor of Polish hussars.

Polish hussars (not to be confused with Swedish hussars – read more in the article about Attila jacket) or winged hussars are a heavy cavalry from between the 16th and 18th centuries. Hussars were known for their tactics based on breaking charges.

How to imitate an armor in HEMA gear

Our task is to create a theme imitating a characteristic armor with brass rails on red clothing and put it on our gear: AP NG 800N jacket, Dragonfly pants, and padded skirt. Relying on a few pictures of the example from the museum, and our own knowledge (as the descendant of Polish hussars I probably have a bit of an idea), we started our work.

The base here is the 800N jacket in red color. Now, we are about to put on it some “steel” – a grey breastplate with three movable “breaks” on the abdomen, and a cross on the chest. All edges are finished with a golden tape, replacing the brass rail and adding some more distinctive look. The straps visible on the back imitate the fastening of a breastplate. On the sleeves you can notice more “plates” in grey color, also decorated with a tape.

What we could add to this set, is a hussar helmet (“szyszak”), and wings – characteristic elements of the set with some magical features like terrific sound or protection against catching in lariat. Although wings were usually attached to the saddle, a helmet could be painted on a fencing mask 😉 

Functionality and features of the jacket remain unchanged.

Completing the Hussar armor for HEMA

The set is completed with a padded skirt in red color, decorated with a golden lining, and Dragonfly pants with tapes in cushioning foam area. We wanted to keep it simple.

It’s the first custom theme for the AP NG 800N model, which is much more difficult in customizing than the 350N jacket. How do you like it?

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