From the world of the Witcher to the world of HEMA – AP Light jacket with “Ves” theme

The second season of the Witcher series is around the corner and the pre-premiere fever seems to be affecting our customers. This time inspiration was found in the game series and the final result gained your appreciation. Let’s take a closer look at the AP model in this unusual version.

As the base – again – we will use a well-known AP Light 350N model. The formability of this gear is truly remarkable! Now, we are about to create a theme which will be loosely inspired by the characteristic gambeson worn by Ves, who you might remember from the second and third edition of adventures of Geralt of Rivia as a perfect swordfighter and member of the Blue Stripes special forces group.

The blue gambeson catches the eye thanks to rhomboidal quilting and adornments. As you may have noticed, the gear reveals more than it covers, so we will have to give up this feature if we want to create a full-fledged HEMA jacket. And what is more, we will put the theme on male jacket.

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Devil is in the details

To give the jacket historical touch, we have made rhomboidal stitchings in the same color as the base. We gave up the studs visible on the original – instead, we have made some X-shaped stitchings in beige color. It’s a time-consuming process, but the result is worth it – at this stage, we started to REALLY like the project.

Coming back to visible “deficiencies” of Ves’ gambeson, we were able to fix them by quilting and covering hips and forearms. We also decided that a great completion to beige X marks will be golden tape. You can find it around the elbow section, shoulder section, on the front flap, and on the bottom edge. It makes a beautiful contrast with blue base and enhances the whole design.

Fantastic design with historical vibe

Voilà, that’s it. At first we thought about modifying the FG model (which is shorter, but closed with leather laces, which is another fancy feature), but eventually APL was a great choice. Now it combines fancy design with modern solutions, losing nothing from its original features. It will surely catch the eye during HEMA tournaments.

And how do you like this project?

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