We are slimming Attila and looking for a new name. Will you help?

What will become of a decorative jacket if we remove decorative elements from it? Encouraged by your comments, we have recently started to wonder what our Atilla will look like without tapes and buttons. We must admit that you have a practical approach to the subject with one foot on the ground (or actual multiple feet? 😉 ), seeing the dormant potential in Attila. This time we will not write too much, because the topic is “fast”, and we also have a small request for you – details below.

Attila 350N – HEMA jacket inspired by history

Attila 350N is a jacket that probably needs no introduction to most of you. Since its premiere last year, this garment has enjoyed unflagging interest. However, for those who don’t know what we’re talking about, it’s worth explaining the topic a bit.

The inspiration to create this particular model were the uniforms of the 19th century light cavalry. The jacket is suitable for both lighter and medium HEMA training. What distinguishes it from our other jackets? Certainly, these are decorations in the form of golden braids, incl. on the chest and sleeves. Apart from the unique design and decorations (which you can read about in this post), Attila has few other distinctive features.

Less is more? Upgrading the jacket to 800N

What you particularly liked is the length of the jacket, as it covers the hips and reaches the bottom back. In addition, there are also foam pockets on the chest and collarbones. Both of these aspects provide additional protection in combat, and if we leave out the decorations and add one more velcro to the zipper and 800N composite, it would make a pretty good tournament jacket. What is more – this type of outfit could successfully form the basis for other types of customization. 

(And by the way – such a simple, unadorned jacket in the 350N version with additional velcro would also be a good basis for building The Saber Legion gear, what do you think?).

Okay – let’s summarize then. After introducing a few minor changes, we will get a custom 800N jacket, which will be perfect for tournaments. Here are some of its characteristics:

  • it covers the hips – its length reaches the bottom back;
  • it has adjustment strap on the back;
  • and pockets for foam on the chest and shoulders;
  • and also 800N composite;
  • thin 3D mesh provides cushioning, allows the skin to “breathe” and transports moisture away from the body;
  • what is important – it is a proposition at reasonable price in term of the ratio of costs to quality and effect

Keeping it simple

Due to the fact that the outfit would be deprived of decorations and we would make it in the 800N version, we would get a simple jacket with enough – in our opinion – protective parameters for tougher fights. In addition, we would reduce the amount of work that should have been spent on it in the original version (i.e. time and materials related to the implementation of decorations).

Ultimately, a jacket at a reasonable price would be created, which could be a sensible proposition for fencing clubs or for HEMA tournaments. And if someone would need additional protection for forearms and shoulders, the jacket could also be equipped with arm protectors from the PRO series.

However, there is one problem… After removing the tapes and buttons, such a custom 800N jacket should have a different name. Do you have any ideas? How would you like to name it? We are waiting for your suggestions!

Let us also know what you think about such a solution and if you would like to see such a jacket in our webshop.

2 thoughts on “We are slimming Attila and looking for a new name. Will you help?

  1. Someone must have suggested it by now, but why not “SPES Dragoon”? Dragoons were light cavalry, and this could be considered as a lighter Hussar 🙂

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