PRO covers set: well known arm protectors are back in the new version!

SPES PRO Plastic Covers - mounting tutorial

Since we implemented the PRO jackets in our offer (AP PRO and FG PRO) in 2012, your interest in these models hasn’t decreased. Users value this gear for its complex protection and high level of amortization. The trademark of the jackets are the plastic covers mounted with the use of grommets and elastic bands on the whole arm length. This solution allows to use them in line with the needs – partially (upper/lower section), or in whole.

Since the release of the PRO line we have received various requests about the option of purchasing just the set of plastic covers, or part of it. During that time we were focused on completing regular orders, so we were not able to implement the covers into our offer… 

But finally we did it. Now you can get the upgraded version of the PRO set in two options!

  • Are you curious what the changes are ?
  • Are there any plans of upgrading the PRO jackets?
  • How to attach the covers to a specific type of jacket?

So please follow the text. Here are the features of our PRO set, the sneak peek of more new products (yes, there will be more!), and the mounting instructions with a little DIY mounting manual for other jackets. Let’s start.

Basic features of the new PRO covers set

  • The upgraded PRO set is the best way of enhancing your gear for long years due to its increased resistance to hits, low weight and easiness of maintenance. All you need to do is to replace the rubber suspenders from time to time.
  • Originally, covers were designed to protect the arms in our PRO jackets. The new version is compatible with these models, but it can also be attached to any other gear.
  • Each set is lightweight, not burdening the arms noticeably. Forearm set weights 420g in total, while the arm set – 300g.
  • If you have an idea of how to modify the covers, we can customize the set. When you say: give me this, but a little different, we reply: all right, let’s see what we can do. 

So, what are the options? For example a close forearm, like in the medieval plate armor, together with leather strap closure and metal buckles.

Such modification will be perfect for users who look for training gear providing similar mobility to the one from harnish fechten, but lighter and cheaper. Similar modifications may work for LARP or cosplay as the basis for characterization with paint, fabrics, leather, etc.

If you have questions about modifications, or special requests, let us know. We settle the details individually via email. Our address is

More changes in the PRO covers set 

  • two sets instead of one – upper part and lower part of arm to choose from 

For your convenience we have divided the 4 covers into 2 sets: 

PRO covers – forearms and elbows

PRO covers – arms and shoulders

You can choose a set according to your needs. Also, you don’t have to buy all of them at once, so one-time expense is more convenient for customers.

  • increased resistance to cracking thanks to new material and design

What we changed first was the shape of elbow covers. Now it is similar to the “Shell” series. Another thing is the material. Previously covers were made from the ABS plastic which had proper resistance specification, but it still occasionally cracked during usage. To solve this problem we started to use a thicker material – a special, structural PP type. It is used in some countries to produce, for example, protectors for the preventive police or for military purposes. It seems more than enough for HEMA.

Together with minor changes of the shape, it’s a direction we chose with regard to other covers. Lately, we have manufactured forearms and arms in similar technology. Shoulders are still made in the ABS technology, but changes in this element will be possible probably in 1-2 years time.

What remained unchanged (and what news you can expect)?

Mountings in covers are the same as in the first edition. (However, you can expect a significant upgrade of the AP PRO and FG PRO jackets, where mountings will be different – more information below). We wanted to give a chance to the users of our PRO jackets to easily replace their used protectors. Especially that many people use jackets bought 5-8 years ago which still remain useful.

New PRO jackets

As we mentioned before, in the near future we will present a new generation of PRO jackets. We’ve decided to implement a new type of mounting. Instead of small velcro tapes on sleeves, there will be longer tape without velcro, but with a rubber string – same as in the limited AP Future Soldier. Together with new mounting points, we’ll have an option of implementing a new type of attachments in the protectors.

What is more, we are working on a new version of our legendary AP jacketthis time 800N. It will be a gear for special purposes – tournaments and training of high intensiveness. It will be equipped with the same mounting tapes as the Future Soldier model. 

In both jackets you will easily attach the mentioned plastic covers thanks to the additional velcro we’ll soon add to the PRO covers set.

How to mount the set of PRO covers

Attaching the covers to the PRO jacket

Currently our PRO jackets have velcro tapes on sleeves (as in version 1, available in our offer since 2012, which soon will be replaced by version 2). In default, we mount the protectors with a velcro strap, but it’s a temporary solution – sometimes the covers fall off during a duell. We recommend using an adjustable strap after receiving the jacket – which is under the velcro – and mount the covers permanently in the most convenient configuration. 

To do this, one should untie the rubber and tie it under the velcro. It’s a longer lasting solution, but taking a little more time to detach the cover (it has to be untied again).

I want to get a different SPES jacket, but with the PRO covers. Is that possible?

Sure it is! If you are planning to get one of our HEMA jackets, we can equip it with proper attachment points. Just leave a comment when placing an order and let us know you want this option and we will match the attachment points to your PRO set, depending on a chosen jacket and its sleeves. If there is any problem with that, we’ll let you know.

I already have a different jacket and I want to attach the PRO covers. Is that possible?

If you already have a HEMA jacket and you want to mount the PRO covers to it, there are a few options to do this:

  • The easiest method. You will need a spike and an elastic band (or a string).

Make a straight through hole with the spike in the sleeves. Thread the band through the hole and tie the cover to the sleeve.

  • Intermediate method. You will need a needle, a thread and an elastic band (or a string).

In the chosen spots, with the use of a needle and a thread, sew the elastic band to the sleeve. Next, attach the covers to the sleeves with the bands.

  • Advanced method. You will need an eyelet, a needle, a thread, and an elastic band (or a string).

With the use of a needle and a thread, in a chosen spot sew the eyelet on the sleeve and pull the band under it. Next, tie the cover to the sleeve.

You can order the eyelets here. Instead, you can use a webbing belt cut into pieces of a proper size.

Sets available in our shop: 

PRO set – forearms and elbows

PRO set – shoulders and arms 

If you have any questions, you can also ask here: 

SPES Histfenc on Facebook 

SPES Histfenc on Instagram 

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