AP JACKET from the FUTURE. A classic HEMA gear in a space-style edition

Our latest post about the Warhammer’s Landsknecht costume has gained your interest, so we decided to continue our experiments. Today, you will have a chance to learn more about another project inspired by SF. This time we’ve worked on a jacket you probably know very well. Let us introduce the AP jacket out of this world. Here are the results.

First things first, so let’s start with our inspiration – future soldier. It’s a popular theme in science-fiction pop culture, usually with an action placed in the near future, somewhere on the Earth or in space, depicting the history of conquering other planets.

Keeping in mind various visions of soldiers of future – from games, books, comics, films, and cartoons, like for example: 

  • Space Marines in Warhammer 40,000 
  • Starship Troopers (1997) 
  • Exosquad (1993-1995) 
  • or game series: X-COM, Fallout 

we can find some common features of such gear. These are: modern, composite armor with clearly outlined chest, often equipped with big pauldrons. Frequently a uniform is made of elements in contrastive colors. There are probably some more features, but these caught our eye and became an inspiration.

AP Jacket in Future Soldier edition – a cosmic torso protection 

The base of this project is our AP, a classic HEMA jacket in black color. Now, what has changed? There are some new elements in the look of the jacket. You can find blue inserts on shoulders, referring to the aforementioned pauldrons. Similar modification can be found on the bottom section of the back and on the belly. This visually slims the body shape and underlines the parts which in space uniform would be movable and elastic (like in Iron Man’s armor). 

Now some technical features. We have used 350N fabric, like in classic AP. The cut of the jacket and the composition of nonwoven layers inside also remain the same. Still, you can find here some upgrades: 

  1. Adjustable strap on the back for better fitting to body shape. You know this solution from other SPES jackets. Some of you already asked when we’ll implement it to this model… So, what do you think about doing it in the regular product? Let us know in the comment section!
  2. We’ve sewn an overlap with a velcro on its whole length, which makes the zipper more difficult to damage. It also gives a double-closure. Thus, if the zipper somehow breaks during a tournament, velcro still makes the jacket usable, with no need of stopping the fight. You can find a similar solution in every SPES jacket of the newer generation.
  3. Between the elbow and the shoulder, and on the collarbone, you will find tapes dedicated for various arm protectors (like those from our PRO line). It gives an option of extra protection on forearms and elbows. 

Thus, with only a few changes we have significantly upgraded the features of the classic AP jacket. What is more, we did it without space technology 😉

This jacket will be available for some time in our webshop. Still, it’s a limited edition – first come, first served! More on this model you will find on the product page.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comment section. Please remember that we appreciate your opinion – we are curious how you like this futuristic version of the classic jacket.

2 thoughts on “AP JACKET from the FUTURE. A classic HEMA gear in a space-style edition

  1. Good day dear staff of Histfenc, I’d like to ask if the colour options will affect the parts that in the pictures are displayed blue. In other words the question is: “If I order the dark grey option will I get the jacket with the parts that are blue in the pictures colored in dark grey, and the rest black?”
    Best regards,

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