How to upgrade your knee & elbow pads? SPES Side Wings for HEMA

SPES Side Wings for "Shell" elbow & knee pads. Upgrade of HEMA gear.

SPES is back with another upgrade of HEMA gear. This time we would like to focus on knee and elbow pads for HEMA.

As you may know, these parts of a body during HEMA fight usually are protected only partially. Plastic covers (like SPES “Shell” pads) are enough for main sections of knees and elbows. Still, sides of these body parts are exposed to cuts, especially on the outside. Even the sleeve of the best HEMA jacket is not enough in this situation.

SPES Styrogum Side Wings for elbow & knee pads

SPES Styrogum Side Wings for knee and elbow pads are our proposition of solution to this problem. On the video below you will see how these wing covers work, and how to easily attach them to SPES “Shell” pads in just few steps.

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