“Lobster” Thumb Caps. How to upgrade your SPES Heavy Gloves?

"Lobster" Thumb Caps for SPES Heavy Gloves

Recently we have upgraded our famous “Lobsters” to 1.2 version. This means, among other things, implementing additional protection of a thumb – the weakest part of SPES Heavy Gloves up to this point.

However, we want to give owners of previous version to have chance to reach the same level of protection. You can upgrade the SPES Heavy Gloves in version 1.0 with “Lobster” Thumb Caps.

To make everything as clear as possible, we have prepared a short video guide.

How to install the “Lobster” Thumb Caps?

NOTE: Lately our “Lobster” Thumb Caps were updated to 1.1 version. Now mounting holes are slightly rearranged, which ensures even better stability on thumbs of SPES Heavy Gloves.

1 thought on ““Lobster” Thumb Caps. How to upgrade your SPES Heavy Gloves?

  1. Just bought a set of these, and they do not seem to fit my SPES heavies. I have the older models with the furry lower-quality leather. The second plate doesn’t fit in the cutout, and the foam is too thick to fit under the plate.

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