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HEMA Padded Skirt LVL2 HEMA Plastron LVL2



Historical fencing

Our web shop came into existence with the thought about all people for whom the historical fencing is a passion. You will find here all fencing equipment necessary for practicing historical fencing in a safe way. We propose a vast range of products sorted into categories which helps you find what you are looking for quick and easy. The quality of our products along with the high level of customer service are appreciated by many people who attend HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts, HEMAC) trainings as well as members of FEDER (Polish Historical European Martial Arts Federation). We are convinced that you might find shopping at our shop satisfactory. This sureness we have results from the fact that our products are selected very carefully and with care that all descriptions and pictures are realistic and the prices are attractive.

If you are interested in historical fencing, practicing it or just having plans to start, our web shop (SPES Historical Fencing Gear) has been created for you!

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Shopping Guide