Products offered in our Shop are available in standard sizes. Also there is possibility to order gambesons, jackets or doublets to fit personal measurements - tailor-made. Price of made to measure product is increased of 30% and customer is oblige to send us necessary measurements. In case of products made to measure appropriate Terms and Condition points are binding (II/9, IV/2, IV/6). For more information please see our website here.

Below you may find information table which has an information about necessary measurements needed to make custom product and tips how to take them properly. Standard sizes informations are located at each product card.


Measurement type Measurement taking method
Please write measurements in "Customer opinion" space available in your cart, step before placing an order.
A1 Height Taken from bottom of foot to top of the head
C2 Arm length Taken from end of shoulder to wrist, outside, with bent arm
C3 Biceps girth Taken with bent arm and tense muscles
C4 Forearm girth Taken around the largest point of the forearm
C5 Wrist girth Taken at wrist joint level
D1 Chest girth Taken at armpit level (women's jackets- on bust level)
D2 Shoulders width Taken on the back, between arm-shoulder connection points
D3 Back width Taken at armpit level
D4 Distance neck - navel Taken from navel to bottom line of neck
D5 Abdominal girth Taken at the level of the belly button
D7 Hips girth Taken at hip joint level
E1 Thigh girth Taken around the largest point of the thigh