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Andrzej Zmuda Trzebiatowski "" reserves right to put changes in Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy relates to every customer of "" and every user of websites and periodicals belonging to "". The Privacy Policy of "" is available below.
Any implemented changes doesn't affect our basic rule: "" doesn't sell and make available personal data or address of customers or websites users to third persons/parties. If you don't agree with our Privacy Policy, please do not visit our website, do not subscribe periodicals belonging to "" and do not purchase products or/and services offered by "".

Personal data.
During the use of services belonging to Andrzej Zmuda Trzebiatowski "" you may be asked to provide us some of your personal data by filling up a form or in other way. The personal data, which you will be asked for, commonly consists of: name, last name, address and email address. In case of purchase order forms you will be asked for additional information related to your order. We request only the data which are necessary for proper activity of the website. Not giving required data will block the realization of the activity which they were related to. To edit, change or remove your personal data from the internet store you must log in to your profile on our website. Removing your personal data from the Sellers system by the administrator is also acceptable if you send us your declaration. The declaration may be sent from your email address registered on our website to


Data collected automatically.
When you visit our website, data concerning your visit (such as you IP address, domain name, type of web browser, type of system you use etc.) is collected automatically.
The automatically collected data can be used for the analysis of the behaviour of our clients on our website (i.e. with the use of Google Analytics). We use the knowledge to see the demographics of our users or personalisation of the content of our website. This data is collected automatically for every user.

Unannounced messages.
Andrzej Zmuda Trzebiatowski "" reserves right to send unannounced messages to individuals, who's given their contact (data/information) and agreed the Privacy Policy. The concept of unannounced message is information related directly to website, services, periodicals and products of Andrzej Zmuda Trzebiatowski "" (ie changes, internal promotions), non commercial (greetings, personal comments etc.) .

Periodical newsletters (for commercial purposes, containing e.g. information about news, promotions etc.) will be sent only to the individuals who agreed receiving it. We will make our efforts to send the newsletter monthly.


Overt personal data.

Personal data given using websites belonging to Andrzej Zmuda Trzebiatowski "" while sending comments on the articles, entries/responses on forum ect. are available for all individuals visiting websites containing these data. Overt Personal Data is also "nickname" and "references" entered in clients profile (they may appear on the main pages of the service - their purpose is to help the others to evaluate our shop). If you don't want your "nickname" and "references" to appear on the pages of our website, please do not fill in the reference field, but send us an email with your evaluation directly to Andrzej Zmuda Trzebiatowski "" has no means to protect you against individuals or companies, which may use this data to send you uncertain information. This is the reason why these data doesn't concern Privacy Policy.


Other forms.
Forms which appears hospitably on websites/services which belong to Andrzej Zmuda Trzebiatowski "" and relate to the services, products, websites or periodicals not attended by Andrzej Zmuda Trzebiatowski "" are not the subjects to conditions of Privacy Policy.

Some areas belonging to Andrzej Zmuda Trzebiatowski "" may use cookies, which are small text files sent to the users computer to identify him and simplify or remit certain operation. Cookies are harmless either for the computer or the user and his data. Cookies will work if your browser accepts them and if you will not remove them from your hard drive.

Privacy Policy doesn't concern websites and companies whose addresses are publicized on websites or in periodicals belonging to Andrzej Zmuda Trzebiatowski "". 

If you have any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to send us email: