Why do you need an 800N plastron and padded skirt?

Plastron Level 2 and Padded skirt Level 2

"Dragonfly" HEMA pants Level 2

"Officer" HEMA jacket Level 2

Foam Shields

"Melee" foam swords

"JF" Ringen jacket

"JF" jacket 350N

"Light" HEMA pants 350N

"AP" women's HEMA jacket 350N

"Locust" women's HEMA pants 350N

"Vectir" forearm and elbow protectors

HEMA socks


"Locust" HEMA pants 350N

"AP" PRO HEMA jacket 350N

"AP" HEMA jacket


"FG" Gambeson

"FG" PRO HEMA jacket 350N

"FG" Basic HEMA jacket 350N

SPES Heavy Gloves v. 1.0

Synthetic Dussack

"Unity" Leather Mask Overlay PRO


Histfenc and Leon Paul London

SPES Histfenc - HEMA Gear Photo Shoot Backstage

SPES Histfenc - about us (Grown with Google)


Skunks 2012. Relation from this year Śkunks in Rybnik, 19-20 V 2012.



Swordfish 2011. Final fight - long sword. Jan Chodkiewicz vs. Bert Gevaert (Jan Chodkiewicz is fighting wearing our "Fechtschule Gdańsk".

Swordfish 2011. Final sabre fight. Hugo Sjöberg vs Andreas Engström. (Both fighting wearing our fencing jacket "Axel Pettesson", available in shop.


Swordfish 2011. Women final fight. Long sword. Nicole Smith vs Krisztina Nagy. (Winner - Krisztina Nagy is fighting wearing fencing jacket "Axel Pettesson", which is avaiable in our shop.