GISS 2013

25-26th May, Roma, Italy

International Days of Historical Fencing

The last weekend of may wasn’t boring at all.There were two events of historical fencing in which Spes had participate too. First of them was Accademia Romana d’Armi-Scherma Storica Roma - GISS – may be translated as an International Days of Historical Fencing and its been held from 2006. This event gathers mostly historical fencing lovers mostly from Italy but also many other countries.

Event itself is not only a tournament. There were also many associated meetings lectures, historical research meetings, and personal development trainings. SPES Historical Fencing Gear had its part in event as a sponsor. Without slight chance of participation in person we have founded rewards for participants in competitions like: rapier, dagger, spade and international rapier tournament. Congratulations to all winners!

All Interested who would like to find out more should see GISS (click here) or our facebook profile (click here), where you can find photo gallery from this event.



25-26th May, Rybnik, Poland

Silesian Confrontations of Lost Fencing Arts

Second event of last May weekend was Silesian Confrontations of Lost Fencing Arts, with fast growing popularity among all interested from Poland and Europe. Organised by Vectir in Rybnik hosted many contestants. This year fencers from Czech, Germany, Poland, Slovakia Switzerland, Hungary and Great Britain.

SPES Historical Fencing Gear like in previous year was one of the sponsors - founding rewords for contestants of particular tournaments. This year we would watch disciplines such as – long sword, cutlass, cutting on time tournament. Contests were held in both -male and female- categories. Congratulations to all winners! (list of winners here).

Apart from tournaments during SKUNKS all interested could listen lectures on historical fencing, participate in trainings with international instructors, or experimental test fight tournaments with use any atypical weapon relevant. Contestants and participants had shown great interest and engagement. For more info and preliminary reports on event go to Vectir website (here) and also on our facebook profile (here).

Swordfish 2011

Swordfish 2012

2-4th November, Göteborg, Sweden

Historical European Martial Arts Tournament

Same as last year, we went to Sweden to participate in Swordfish 2012, an event organised by Swedish school of historical fencing – GHFS ( Gothenburg Historical Fencing School). This tournament took place in 2nd – 4th November this year and gathered competitors from all around the world. It was obvious that we had to be there.

AX ProThis year aside from funding the prices for competitors, Histfenc presented long expected new products, soon available in our offer – two models from PRO series: the Axel Pettersson Fencing Jacket and Fechtschule Gdansk Gambeson. Both of them are re-designed, equipped with fastenings for additional detachable plastic pads which increase the protection level of the jackets without lessening the mobility during the fight. Fechtschule Gdansk Gambeson is now fastened with zipper and Velcro tape instead of leather thongs – putting the jackets on is now easier and faster.

We also presented new model of HEMA gloves. It is a prototype based on module design similar to PRO jackets – with detachable pads made of durable plastic.

All of our new products met very good reception and interest of Swordfish participants. We did not expect it. Soon our offer will be enriched with the products.

Similarly to last year, the tournament were broadcast live. For all those who did not watch it, we have a link to the footage available online (click here to watch). We expect more materials to be published on youtube soon.


Śkunks 2012

19-20th May, Rybnik, Poland

Silesian Confrontations of Lost Fencing Arts

Annual Silesian Confrontations of Lost Fencing Arts are organized this year in May (19-20th). SPES Historical Fencing Gear is one of the sponsor funds the prizes for competitors. It is highly possible we will be there in person.

Some of the competitors already trusted in our products, so the Confrontations will be great occasion to see them in action, check how they are designed or ask users about personal opinions about them.

As every year, this event seems to be interested. You may attend in workshops run by experienced trainers, see the timed cutting competition. Also tournaments are planned: women's long sword and wrestling. More information you may find here (general info) and here (details).

Update: Here you may watch the comprehensive relation from Śkunks 2012. There you will find all main fights and some short interview with contestants.


XIII National Historical Fencing Tournament

28-29th April, Pisa, Italy

Prossimamente il 28-29 aprile ci sarà il XIII Torneo Nazionale di Scherma Antica nella bellissima citta` italiana di Pisa. Saremo presenti, come sponsor e produttori di attrezzature di protezione DESW (en: HEMA).

Per i vincitori abbiamo finanziato premi allettanti come per esempio la giacca di Axel Pettesson, la copertura integrata sul cofano della Trinità o piastrone. Inoltre si puo vincere buoni sconti per i prodotti del nostro negozio:

Durante il torneo sarai il benvenuto allo stand della nostra azienda, dove sarà possibile acquisire familiarità con i nostri prodotti e discutere di essi.

Ci vediamo a Pisa!

At the end pf April Spes Historical Fencing Gear is going to Italy, to take participation in National Historical Fencing Tournament organized in Pisa. We will be there as a sponsor funding prizes for winners of all competitions. Best of the competitors may win for example Axel Pettersson Fencing Jacket, Trinity - mask overlay, body protector and forearm and elbow protectors with Vectir mask overlay. As an additional price we funded discount vouchers to be used in our shop.

Because we will be there in person, with our products, you have a chance to see them, try them and excange opinions and thoughts about them and about historical fencing.

Additionaly if you going to Pisa and you wish to buy any of our products do it quickly and you save some money on delivery shipping. Orders placed till 23-rd of April we will bring with us to Pisa and you collect them by yourself (offer is subject to availability

More information about Pisa Tournament you may find here: click here (italian)

Swordfish 2011

Swordfish 2011

4-6th of November, Göteborg, Sweden

Historical European Martial Arts Tournament

SPES Historical Fencing Gear at the beginning of November have been participating in Historical European Martial Arts Tournament in Göteborg, organized by "Göteborgs Historiska Fäktskola". We had a pleasure to be one of the sponsors of prizes for competitors.

Swordfish is a kind of unique event, it is gatering the competitors and trainers from many fencing schools all around the World, you may not meet in other place. A lots of competitions and events made this tournament one of the most important meetings organized under the HEMA patronage.

Our participation in this tournament had dual meaning. We were there as a sponsor of prizes for winners, also as a producer of protection gear wore by many competitors. Our products were used for example by sword finalists (1st and 2nd place), winner of women longsword competition and winner of the 2nd place of mens longsword cattegory. All of them wore Axel Pettersson Fencing Jacket. Additionally Jan Chodkiewicz, winner of the 1st place in longsword competition was protected by Fechtschule Gdansk Gambeson.

Tested in combat, our product have a good opinion. Based on your and our experience we doing our best to produce gear which has best protection parameters and guarantee very high level of mobility during the fight. We are glad and also proud that so many people trusted us, and everyday many of them contact us interested to have one of the protector produced by SPES Historical Fencing Gear. For us this is the most important proof that all our efforts are appreciate and mobilize us to future work.

In our Multimedia page here we placed couple of movies, short relation from Swordfish finals where you may see our products in action. Full relation you may see clicking here.