1. What are your products for?

1. We put all efforts to design our gear so it gives best cover during training as it can. The gear is checked in action many times and modified to give user maximum comfort during HEMA training. But it's important to remeber, that our products are not personal protective equipment - they're intended for simulating the impression during the study on the treatise techniques. It is not dedicated for fencing or contact sport. If you wish to do contact martial arts, please use personal protective equipment. More information - here!

2. What are the characteristics of gambesons and jackets in your offer?
They are designed to have special system of layers to increase cushion without lessening their mobility during HEMA training. We do our best to keep the level of covering as high as possible along with good wearing comfort and mobility which is very important during training. More information - here!

3. What hours may I contact with you and how?
Phone contact +48  690 012 692 is provided from Monday till Friday between 07.30 and 15.30 (CET). You may also email us at info@histfenc.com or just simply use the form from our contact page.

4. Can I order by phone?
Yes, you can. Just simply call +48 690 012 692 during working hours (Mon – Fri. 07.30-15.30 CET).

5. Can I return the goods?
1. Every buyer has 14 weekdays to return the goods bought from histfenc.com accompanied by a written or electronical declaration. The returned goods should not bare any signs of use exceeding the terms of ordinary management, which aim is to state the characteristics, features and functioning of the product. In case of goods, which value was decreased by the Buyer by using them in a manner violating the terms of stating the characteristics, features and functioning of the product, the Buyer still has the right to return the product, however the Seller might seek to recieve the damages from the Buyer for the goods' lost value. In case the product for personal measures you ordered was made wrongly, complaint procedures are valid. Before sending the goods You should contact us to discuss details of returning. It is not possible to return clothes/goods made to measure. More information - here!
The goods and declaration should be sent to:
Andrzej Zmuda Trzebiatowski
ul. Wapienna 46
87-100 Toruń, Poland
e-mail address: info@histfenc.com

6. Is hire purchase possible in your shop?
No. Hire purchase is unavailable in our shop.

7. What are the costs of delivery?
Details about costs of delivery with procedure of parcel collection are presented at Costs of Delivery page here.

8. Who is paying postal costs in case of returning goods?
You can find this information in Terms and Conditions here of our shop or RMA's and returns section - here!

9. How can I get the information about the tracking of my parcel?
When the status of your order is changed into “Dispatched”, we will send you a confirmation letter with the tracking number. You may check where your parcel is with the tracking system at the courier website (here). In case of sending goods by Poczta Polska (Polish Post), it is only possible to track the parcel from our side. So if you do not get the parcel for a long time (and you think that you should already receive the package), please contact us and we will check the status of shipping.

10. Can I collect order myself?
Yes, you can. This is the address of our shop:

SPES Historical Fencing Gear

Ul. Wapienna 46

87-100 Toruń, Poland

11. Is it possible to have some discount in your shop?
Yes. For regular customers and for large orders, there is possibility to negotiate the price. Discounts are considered individually.

12. Why should I give you my full address and phone number during the making of an order?
Your phone number is necessary to inform you as quickly as possible in case of any troubles with delivery. Moreover, the phone number helps to contact with you by courier. Sometimes the lack of the phone number makes the delivery impossible and after a couple of attempts, the goods are returned to us. The address is necessary to know where we should send the parcel to.

13. Is it possible to cancel or change my order details after I ordered?
Yes. For your written request (by email), we can change your order or cancel it but only under the condition that the order is not already completed. Please write the number of your order when you contact us. If the order is already completed, you have to return the goods at your own cost.

14. Have you any offer for resellers?
Yes. We have an offer for any person or company interested to cooperate with us, and want to sell our products in own shop. For more details please contact us by email using our contact page (click here) or this email address: alicja@histfenc.com

15. Do you have any washing instruction for jacket or gambeson?
Yes.Detailed information can be found on the label and the general information can be found here (click and save the target).