"Trinity" Integrated Mask Overlay

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"Trinity" Integrated Mask Overlay is a technologically advanced product. The front and sides of the mask refer to hoods used in medieval times. It is the only overlay that is commercially produced which protects larynx, shoulders and occipital bone. It fits most of commonly used masks. A significant element of this overlay is a plastic insertion to protect the larynx from painful thrusts. Additionally, the overlay has quilted shoulder protector and a movable occipital cover which is strengthened with plastic plates. The most important aspect of this overlay is the effective neck protection.

Mask not included.

The Repair and Maintenance Kit allows you to keep "Trinity" Integrated Mask Overlay in a good condition for a long time.

Sizes (based on Leon Paul's masks):


Circumference of the mask
taken just beside the rubber rim (cm)

S 71 cm
M 74 cm
L 77 cm
XL 79 cm


The way of taking the mask circumference measurement for proper overlay size is shown on the picture below. Circumference should be measured just beside the rubber rim.



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Weight: 1,15kg

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Average opinion
Protection quality
Andrea (2012-04-03 14:59:51)

It does its job: Easy to insert for a total protection. Some people criticize this protection because of the similarity to the form of kendo mask, but I do not agree with this view.

Protection quality
Ivan (2012-08-16 13:53:31)

Bought one at an event this year and promptly returned it. While attaching it on a LP mask there were tears on a few places. Not a good sign, but it could be an isolated case. The protection is amazing, especially against stabs in the throat and cuts above the collarbone. Now for the bad news. The overlay is incompatible with the AP jacket because of the jacket's large collar. This overlay needs to be fit snug against the bib for it not to fall off, and you have to tuck the bib in the jacket because of the collar. You can't do both.

Protection quality
Federico (2014-01-17 10:27:32)

Very tough, sturdy product, it protects in an amazing manner the areas of interest. i've been able to fit it even with a large collar torso protection. The mobility is how to be expected with such a protection, but not too bad. Just a bit warm to wear for a long session.

Protection quality
Derek (2015-08-13 06:08:22)

G'Day Two arrived in the post yesterday, excellent quality just in time for Wednesday training. Felt a bit odd at first, but I some got used to it. Money well spent. Cheers Derek

Protection quality

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