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Federschwert sword made of polymer material, perfect for historical fencing trainings. It's look refers to European "Feders" popular in XVIth and XVIIth century.

Dace (ended with a pommel in the shape of a round medallion) and the pommel are made of galvanized steel. Blade, made of synthetic black material, is ended with round, thick thrust, which elastic construction lets the fencer to make safe shoves. Profiled, ergonomic handle is thickly coated with synthetic, braided string. All of it is also covered in fixative resin. Thanks to its general shape, the sword is perfect in two-handed combat.

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Total length: ~ 138 cm
Blade length: ~ 107 cm
Dace length: ~ 26 cm
Handle length: ~ 30 cm
Center of gravity: ~ 10 cm from the dace

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