Synthetic Dussack with Nagel

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Synthetic dussack is our modern interpretation of training weapon which used to be made of wood or sometimes leather. Dussack was used by training groups across many centuries as a simulator of short, single-edged weapons. Our product, thanks to being made of polyamide, is very durable and safe to use.

To increase the protection of your hands, we added a nagel to the dussack that can be adjusted both to left and right hands. Additionaly, the dussack's grip is covered with anti- slip tape HANDaGRIP® and with an overlay made of synthetic leather, which will allow you to have a better and more stable grip.

Properly matched material and shape let us achieve the following characteristics:
- high resistance to hits
- elasticity of this weapon makes dussacks' thrusts safe
- the simulator, after the parry with the use of “strong part”, does not fall into strong vibrations and that is why the effective response is possible
- thanks to balance “to handle”, the simulator allows quick and dynamic fencing actions.

If you need a resistant dussack for intensive and dynamic trainings, our offer is a perfect response to your needs.

Safety: Because of your safety, we recommend using protectors for groin, quilted fencing jacket , fencing gloves and fencing masks to protect the head (especially eyes) when training with this type of weapon simulator.

Important: To extend the maximum lifespan of the dussack, it is recommended to keep it in a dry room, laying on a flat surface or hanged. High temperature sources, humidity or permanent weight pressure may cause bending of the blade or deformation.


Synthetic Dussack with Nagel v2.0 (05.2016):
- Dussack has a bigger hole in the handle and can be comfortably used with heavy gloves
- Nagel is more lasting, made of polyamide, which ensures good hand protection, high durability and aesthetic looks.

Please read the review of Synthetic dussack without the nagel written by Roger Norling (GHFS) - (click here).

Video below presents classic synthetic dussack without the nagel and grip overlay:

Additional informations

Blade/handle length: ~59cm/~22cm

Total length: 81cm

Blade thickness: 1cm

Weight: 0,65kg

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