SPES HEMA Sabre "Blue"

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A limited HEMA sabre made of 50 HF steel. Our training sabre is dedicated for HEMA sparrings and exercises with the use of a military sabre.


This arm simulator has a SPES inscription on the base of the blade. Each model of this limited BLUE series has a certificate of originality.

The handle of our HEMA sabre is made of blue, elastic material, which makes holding easier. An openwork bellguard , typical in this type of weapon, protects hand against hits.

A medium stiff blade (48-50 HRC) narrows to the end. It is finished with a rolled tip.

Please remember to use this equipment againts arms of similar properties (used materials, stiffness). Thanks to this, you will increase the lifespan of your training sabre.


SPES HEMA Sabre „BLUE” is another arm of the „BLUE” series. Together with the Messer, these two are our answer to the need for safe HEMA weapons. Apart from much lower weight, our project for both weapons assumed limiting the elements which can harm or injure the opponent (like steel handle).


A short story of a sabre
A sabre is a long, cutting cold steel weapon, characterized by cambered blade. It is dedicated to attack with cuts and thrusts. It is still not certain where its name derived from.

Sources on this arm are found in Asia. A sabre came to Europe in the medieval period, gaining popularity in the 14th century.

In Poland, at first it was considered as rather plebeian arm. However, at the end of the15th century and later in the 16th century, when Eastern culture started to influence the noble culture, a sabre found its place in Polish culture. Till the 19th century this weapon was seen as the symbol of Sarmatism and the only "decent" arm.


Inspirations for the „BLUE” training sabre for HEMA
SPES „BLUE” training sabre was inspired by historical relics and illustrations from the 19th century. These described a so called military sabre. Its curvature and weighting refer to former side arms. An openwork finishing on the bellguard not only lowers the weight of the HEMA sabre, but also refers to historical patterns.


Additional informations

stiffness : 48-50 HRC
steel – 50 HF ( 50CRV4 – English equivalent)
curvature – around 1,5 cm

 - an openwork bellguard, around 2 mm of thickness
 - blue handle from elastic material
 - low weight


total length – 101 cm
handle length - 15 cm
blade length – 86 cm
blade width around handle – 3 cm
blade width at the end – 1 cm
center of gravity - 11 cm

weight: 900g

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