SPES HEMA one-handed sword Blue

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A limited one-handed sword dedicated for HEMA sport. It can be used by both beginners and advanced enthusiasts of steel fencing.

Technology used in this gear has enabled us to make a fencing sword for HEMA which is lightweight (750 g), making a duel even more dynamic, but also less painful.


Blue one-handed sword is made of 50 HF steel and it will match nearly every HEMA sport. We recommend it especially to the very popular competition of fencing sword and shield, or sword and buckler. One can also use this HEMA sword separately as a single arm.

Base of the blade of this one-handed sword has a •SPES• engraving. Every SPES fencing sword has a certificate of its originality.

Handle of this steel fencing is made of blue, elastic material, providing a better, easier grip. The material imitates leather and a braiding, being similar in its look to a string. This solution makes our one-handed sword more functional, but also gives it a historical style.

Blade of our HEMA sword is made of medium stiffness steel (48-50 HRC), narrowing towards the end and finished with a rolled up tip.


One-handed HEMA swords from Blue series
This model of a fencing sword for HEMA sport is a gear from our Blue series. Together with SPES Messer and SPES Sabre, this is our response to customers searching for safe steel fencing. Apart from low weight, this design aims to reduce the number of elements which can possibly do any harm to a person.


SPES one-handed sword in historical sources
This type of steel fencing was inspired by material and graphic relics of the past. Its shape refers to the fencing swords used by fencers from the 13th century manuscript known as I.33. Pages of the treatise present a duel with the use of sword and buckler. These scenes were our inspiration for creating our HEMA sword.

Additional informations

Weight - 750 g

length of the blade - 74 cm
Length of the handle - 10,5 cm
Total length - 90 cm
Length of the dace - 16,5 cm
Diameter of the pommel - 4,5 cm
Width of the blade - 3,8 cm (in the widest section)
Narrows up to 1 cm Center of gravity - 11 cm

Hardness: 48-50 HRC
Steel: 50 HF


Basic features of one-handed sword:

  • Can be used as a single steel fencing or with a shield or buckler
  • Dedicated for any person, no matter the level of skills
  • Unique design of a handle, referring to other arms from the Blue series
  • Design based on historical sources
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