SPES Feder - limited edition

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Limited-edition longsword (~134 cm) made of high quality steel, perfect for historical fencing trainings. 
This unique model of feder is enriched with special limited number and SPES Historical Fencing Gear logo.
What is more, every sword has an attached certificate, highlighting its exceptional quality.

The hilt's grip of a SPES feder is specially cambered and belayed with leather in natural color, hand-sewn on a back. Hilt with a total length of ~33 cm is topped out with a pommel in a water drop shape. Cross-guard with a total length of ~25 cm, topped out with round decoration, and in the center with decorative vertical stripes.
Under the cross-guard, blade broadens in the shape of trapeze with width of ~8 cm and height of ~10 cm. On one side, it has a decoration in the form of limited number, while on the other – SPES logo. Total length of a blade is ~100 cm and it is finished with a rolled tip. Center of gravity of the sword is around the 7th cm from the cross-guard. 

To keep the best protection during trainings with this kind of weapon, we suggest using properly matched body protectors, especially suspensors, and masks protecting eyes and face from direct hits.

Additional informations

Total length: ~134 cm
Blade length: ~100 cm
Hendle length: ~33 cm
Dace length: ~25 cm
Trapeze width: ~8cm
Center of gravity: ~7 cm
Weight: ~1.65 kg

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