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A kit dedicated to maintenance and small repairs of HEMA gear, e.g. heavy gloves, mask overlays, elbow protectors or knee protectors.

Set consists of: two yellow dryers, black braided rubber of approx 2 m length, five rivets, five large coasters, hard velcro of 25 cm length, soft velcro of 25 cm length, black suspender rubber of 25 cm length and 25 cm of sackcloth tape.

This kit is supposed to enable repair of small damages, which can be caused during fight, e.g. lost rivets or broken rubbers. Antibacterial dryers will keep your protectors in good condition. Moisture does not have a good influence on gear – wet gear is more vulnerable to damage. Dryers should be kept inside the chosen protector over a night, for example gloves, to make use of a dry and sterile gear the next day. Sacks are all-purpose and they will dry not only gloves, but also a jacket, pants or masks.

Aside from absorbing the moisture, sacks have also antibacterial properties, which eliminates the odour. This solution increases the protection from germs. Sacks are eco-friendly and do not contain intoxicants; their contents are made from bamboo charcoal. When used as intended, these can last up to few years (once a month it’s worth to display sacks for sunlight for 1-2 hours). Velcros and tapes are useful in current repairing gear, e.g.”Lobster” Heavy Gloves. Proper maintenance will make the product last longer.

Additional informations

The set consists of:
2 yellow dryers,
black braided rubber of approx. 2 m length,
5 rivets,
5 large coasters,
hard velcro of 25 cm length,
soft velcro of 25 cm length,
black suspender rubber of 25 cm length,
25 cm of sackcloth tape.

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