Officer HEMA Jacket NG 800N

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Just like in "Officer" 350N, Officer NG 800N is based on classic officers outfits. Alfred Hutton, who lived at the turn of XIX and XX century and is one of the HEMA pioneers, was the inspiration for creating this unique jacket.

Officer 800N HEMA Jacket was made especially for training with sabre, long sword, or rapier.


Resistance & comfort of use – Officer 800N HEMA Jacket  

Material of Officer Jacket NG 800N has an 800N puncture resistance. This HEMA jacket has additional decorations in form of red adornments on sleeves and trimming on front part.

Among additional decorations, Officer NG 800N can be fitted to a body by adjustable strap on back. Our HEMA gear also has a breathable lining with antibacterial properties. This solution ensures higher air permeability and heat removal.

Sleeves are equipped with mountings, which allow you to mount additional elbow overlays, f.ex. “Shell”. A double mounting on zipper and snaps, ensures a durable and reliable clasp. It has inner wild overlap on the chest and neck, which is attached to the arm of the jacket. Overlap does not prevents sliding and hinder movements during HEMA trainings. 




Chest girth 84-92cm 92-100cm 100-108cm 108-116cm 116-124cm 124-132cm
Waist girth 72-80cm 80-88cm 88-96cm 96-104cm 104-112cm 112-120cm
Hips girth 88-96cm 96-104cm 104-112cm 112-120cm 120-128cm 128-136cm
Height 164-170cm 170-176cm 176-182cm 182-188cm 188-194cm 194-200cm
Weight 1,70 kg 1,70 kg 2,20 kg 2,20 kg 2,40 kg 2,40 kg



This innovative product was created with the use of 800N composite and 3D mesh.




The product from the assortment is not personal protective equipment - it is intended for simulating the impression during the study on the treatise techniques. It is not dedicated for fencing or contact sport. If you wish to do contact martial arts, please use personal protective equipment.

Additional informations
  • made of 800N puncture resistance fabric
  • bladecatcher
  • double fastening: zipper + snaps
  • additional inner mounting for front overlap
  • inside the jacket there are dedicated pockets for additional foams
  • wide overlap in front
  • adjustable waist girth
  • mountings, which allow you to mount additional elbow overlays
  • breathable padding with antimicrobial properties
  • decorative red trimming and adornments on sleeves
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