Locust Women's HEMA Pants 350N

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Pants reaching knees, designed for women who train HEMA. A welt under the knee is made of rubber. High waisted pants - thanks to adjustable straps, they can be easily fitted at the waist. They also have rubber suspenders, which have adjustable length, fastened on plastic buckles. The cut of the pants near the hips is loose so as not to limit movement.

Women's Locust HEMA Pants have three inner pockets on each side: on hip, inner and outer side of thigh. Light foam inserts can be placed into them. Attention: foams can be easily dismounted if you need to wash these pants.

The front of legs is reinforced with quilting. There is an elastic strip sewn in crotch, to increase the ease of moving. In the lower part of thigh you can find additional handles which allow you to mount additional overlays for knee.

Women's version of "Locust" Pants looks magnificent with "AP" Women's Jacket 350N V3.0.

Normally, these pants are available in three colours: black, red and white. For an additional surcharge there are also other colours available – look at colour palette.


Locust Women's HEMA Pants 350N (02/2018)

The measurements table for women's pants has been updated, now it is the same as the measurements table of women's jackets. The structure of the pants has not changed.


Antibacterial dryers from the Repair and Maintenance Kit absorb moisture, keeping your pants in good condition.



Size XS S M L XL XXL Custom
Waist girth 60-67 cm 67-74 cm 74-81 cm 81-88 cm 88-98 cm 98-108 cm individual
Hips girth 84-91 cm 91-98 cm 98-105 cm 105-112 cm 112-120 cm 120-128 cm individual
Height ~158 cm ~163 cm ~168 cm ~173 cm ~178 cm ~183 cm individual




The product from the assortment is not personal protective equipment - they are intended for simulating the impression during the study on the treatise techniques. It is not dedicated for fencing or contact sport. If you wish to do contact martial arts, please use personal protective equipment.

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Can be washed in a washing machine

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