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A reusable, one-layer, colored kerchief mask made of linen. Our scarf mask is dedicated for covering a face. This bandana face mask ensures easy breathing and proper isolation from external factors. Kerchief mask is similar to bandanas worn, for example, by cowboys in the West.


Fabric used in scarf mask ensures:
- better air circulation
- easier breathing
- prevents from unintentional touching of mouth and nose area
- higher comfort of use
- better fitting to the face


Each bandana face mask has soft, elastic rubbers to fit to individual face shape. Scarf mask is tied on the back so one can easily change its adhesion to face.

Elastic insert makes the kerchief mask easily adjustabe to nose shape. This solution lowers the steaming up of the glasses, and the mask is more comfortable for bearded users.

We conform to all necessary standards of safety and hygiene during the production process.


Face scarf is available in one size.

front: ~44 cm
side (by ear): ~13 cm

In one of three colors:
- pink
- olive
- steel blue


Standards of production of our face masks and kerchief masks
Linen face masks are sewn by our company in Toruń from materials of high quality.

All standards of safety and hygiene in production are maintained, following the current instructions. Production takes place in a workplace separated from strangers and everyone involved in the production process uses personal protective equipment and sanitary preparation.

In the final stage of production, face masks undergo a process of disinfection with the use of ozonation process. Later, the product is packed in a plastic bag and sealed up.



Safe use of scarf masks during danger of spreading a disease 
When a mask is used in an environment with potential viruses/bacterias, you need to be careful while taking the mask off and do it by holding the rubber straps. Put the mask in a bowl and wash your hands.

After putting the face mask in a bowl, pour boiling water in. Keep it in for around 10 minutes. After that, put it to a washing machine or leave it to dry and later iron it.

Laundering and disinfection
Face mask
should be laundered in 60-95°C temperature, with the use of detergents and later ironed on a low setup.
For more information, please follow the Stanford Medcine publication: Stanford Medcine. COVID-19 Evidence Service | Addressing COVID-19 Face Mask Shortages [v1.2] Updated March 25, 2020.

Additional informations

Linen kerchief mask – why is it good to have it?

  • product sewn in Toruń, Poland
  • better air circulation and easier breathing
  • better face fitting thanks to tying on the back and nose insert
  • prevents from unintentional touching the nose and mouth area
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