"Light" Forearm Protectors

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HEMA protectors made of styrogum. These forearm protectors have some special, elastic velcro straps. Straps help in keeping the styrogum protectors in the shape given by the user. In practice, our “Light” Forearm Protectors are an elastic HEMA protective gear, fitting every forearm. Straps also ensure a proper fitting to the jacket.

NOTE! Product is provided unfolded. It has a shape memory and user folds it on his own in a form suitable for oneself before first use. After the training with the styrogum protectors, user should put them away in a folded form, with fastened straps. It will prevent the forearm protectors from losing a given shape, what can happen after a longer time without using.

The features of styrogum protectors.

Styrogum is characterized by both high durability and resistance to hits. Our forearm protectors are also very flexible, what makes them easy in fitting to the user's arms.

Material of these shields provides an alternative solution in the category of HEMA protective gear. Their shape can be modified and matched to user's needs. What is more, “Light” Forearm Protectors are convenient. They don't bother the movement and don't have any elements which could disturb the user during the fight.

In comparison to “Vectir” Forearm Protectors, these are lighter, shorter, and narrower. There is a possibility of increasing the level of protection with “Shell” Elbow Protectors. These can be easily mounted to the Velcro tapes on the inside of the protectors.

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Additional informations

Set compatible with "Shell" Elbow Protectors.

The protectors are very light - they weigh only 380 g

width of the shorter side – ~ 18,5 cm
width – ~ 29 cm
length in the shortest place - ~ 14 cm
length - ~ 21,5 cm
length of the shorter strap – ~ 42 cm
length of the longer strap - ~ 48 cm

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Average opinion
Protection quality
Jeffrey (2019-08-20 19:37:01)

These are just flat our great. I'm 5' 7" and normal forearm protectors are just too long and don't give me the mobility I need for fencing. These are just the right length to give me excellent mobility while maintaining protection. I've used them in several sparring sessions and taken some hard hits but these have held up just fine. Another club member has them and we both agree that these are top notch.

Protection quality

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