Landsknecht's HEMA jacket - limited edition

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This limited jacket is a custom HEMA clothing for fighting. It is a simplified variation on the 15th-16th century Landsknecht clothing - equipment of an infantry soldier of a German-language mercenary formation.

Our Landsknecht clothing is made of 350N puncture resistant fabric. It consists of:
• Jacket 350N
Pants 350N

Both elements of HEMA custom clothing have sewn-on colorful, red and blue straps, characteristic for this model.

We decided not to make any cuts on fabric to keep its structure as strong as possible, reaching the level of 350N.


JF 350N jacket is dedicated for light HEMA training. It has spacious sleeves, providing comfort and freedom of movement. It is closed with 10 flat buttons.

Light pants 350N have similar features. Their loose cut, adjustable belt and suspenders, make this product an all-purpose leg protection.

Whole set (jacket and pants) is fully usable, appropriate for both advanced users and beginners. To increase safety of use during training, you can add 800N puncture resistance plastron and padded skirt.


Stitched colorful stripes are arranged in non-random patterns. These refer to the cuts visible on Landsknecht clothing from former times and LARP costumes inspired by them.
• red diagonal straps are placed on the chest and shoulders
• blue transversal straps, edges of the sleeves are symbolizing the elements of Landsknecht clothing
• four red longer straps on the back, with an 8-armed star in the middle

You can choose different sizes. Pants are available in standard sizes (S to XL) and in all 13 colors from our palette are available.

Size S M L XL
Sleeve length 62cm 65cm 65cm 66cm
Chest girth 85-94cm 95-104cm 105-114cm 115-122cm
Waist girth 74-83cm 84-94cm 95-106cm 107-116cm
Hips girth





Total legth 62cm 64cm 66cm 66cm


Inspiration for our Landsknecht clothing
We found inspiration to make this custom HEMA clothing in fighting equipment from the 15th-16h century.

The most useful information, prints and details were found in the treatises from the half of 16th century. Here we can mention the so-called Hutter / Solingen Fechtbuch (1523 r.), Jörg Breu Draftbook (1645 r.), and the treatise by Joachim Meyer from 1560.


More on the process of making this Landsknecht clothing, or other custom HEMA clothing, you will find on our blog!


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