"Hussar" Fencing Jacket 800N

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In order to meet your expectations we present a modern, durable “Hussar” Fencing Jacket 800N, with a high level of protection against hits. It is made of high tear resistant fabric. The jacket  is made of fabrics which have 800N puncture resistance certificate. A new filling system with high shock-absorption features  and breathable lining with anti-bacterial aperture ensures heat and moisture transfer and high comfort of use and maintenance (washing and drying). “Hussar” Fencing Jacket 800N has  foam enforcements on shoulders, chest and back, a plastic elbow protector and plastic inserts on forearms, ensuring very good protection against hits. All additional protectors may be taken out, cut out or exchanged for different ones, depending on one's preferences to adjust the jacket to individual needs and intensity of training. A strap on the back and sleeve straps allow a better fit of the jacket. Two zippers on the front ensure a secure, durable and reliable closing. The jacket has a blade catcher which protects the larynx from thrusts and a loop, which allows to store it conveniently. “Hussar” Fencing Jacket 800N also stands out with its looks – it has a grey binding on the front, on the blade catcher and around the bottom edge.

- applied fabric has a 800N puncture resistance certificate
- breathable lining with antibacterial aperture
- a new filling system which perfectly absorbs hits and transfers heat and moisture outside
- many options of modifying additional protectors (taking out / cutting out  / exchanging plastic and foam for different type, depending on personal preferences and training intensity)
- better adjustment at the belt
- adjustment at the wrists
- suitable for machine-wash
- durable outer fabric. Its features are appreciated by many armies in the world
- double zipper
- blade catcher
- loop for hanging
- it perfectly matches “Hussar” Fencing Pants 800N with protection level and style

You can modify your jacket by way of embroidery.

Antibacterial dryers from the Repair and Maintenance Kit absorb moisture, keeping your jacket in good condition.

Standard sizes table: (+/- 1cm)

Size S M L XL
Sleeve length 64cm 67cm 67cm 68cm
Chest range 54cm 58cm 62cm 67cm
Chest girth 85-100cm 95-115cm 100-120cm 110-130cm
Hips range 48cm 55cm 59cm 66cm
Waist girth 75-85cm 85-95cm 95-110cm 110-130cm
Total length 61cm 66cm 66cm 66cm


If you are interested in buying a jacket for a left-handed person, include such information in "additional information" box while placing an order. (No additional cost)

Additional informations

Fabric: Shell: poliamide/cotton, filling: polyester/cotton, lining: polyester

Weight: ~3,5kg

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Average opinion
Protection quality
Tony (2017-08-17 18:25:04)

I have had this jacket for a few months and have worn it though Fight Camp in the UK. The things I like about it Protection - it is amazingly protective - I have taken all the inserts out and I still barely register the hits from opponents Speed of gearing Up - the included arm protection means you can drop the jacket in between bouts and pop it back on very quickly. Smell - the fabric and padding don't seem to get that sour sweat smell as quickly as the natural fiber of the other jackets Drying - it dries out extremely quickly. The style - its got a nice cut Mobility - it rides on the hips meaning your arms are free to move. The down sides - its heavy - I don't mean slightly heavy I mean twice the weight of the AP - it broke the hanging loop on mine because of the weight. The inserts make it hot - however removing them solves the issue - I left the forearm and shoulders in and its still amazingly protective. QC - One of the zips had a split tooth on mine - not a huge issue and I managed to fix it with pins and superglue. The neck is a fraction too tall but considering I do long-sword probably a good thing. I like my jacket - I would recommend it to anyone doing long-sword or military sabre.

Protection quality
Angel (2018-05-28 12:26:24)

It's pretty much perfect when you meet people you don't know and they try to hit you hard with swords. Mobility is of course slightly compromised because of the additional protection but it's quite normal and not an issue. Same goes for heat with the additional insert - again normal. Main benefit - added hand protection - easy to put on and off. Additionally because they are part of the jacket and not on top of it, actually makes it thinner than the standard jacket with added protection. Only downside of the inserts is that they are not very easily removable, specially the forearms. Takes time if you want to wash it or want to turn it from the heavier to a lighter version. Fit is perfect - haven't even touched the belt at the back. Not directly jacket related but - SPES customer service is perfect. All questions are answered super fast and they really care.

Protection quality

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