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We would like to present you published in limited edition (only 100 items), a unique copy of “Gladiatoria”. It is a facsimile of anonymous treatise from the year of 1430 showing medieval fencing techniques. Original, made in Germany, written in a medieval German dialect survived only in six copies, one of them is kept in Jagiellonian University Library in Krakow. Exactly this copy has been used as a model for our facsimile.

Each page of treatise shows an illustration of a fencing technique followed by a description how to perform it properly. The text is written in bastarda font, a mixed old gothic calligraphic style with cursive. Pages have been numerated later, possibly in modern times. The manuscript has 59 pages.

Our facsimile is a copy in which the emphasis has been put on reflection of details of an original book. For printing the pages a parchment of a high quality has been used . The cover is made of red leather with embossed golden patterns. The title on the spine is embossed on green leather, also in gold colour. The book is hand sewn.

Whole set includes:
- Book, size: 198 x 208 x 25 mm.
- Decorative box for the book.
- Commentary in English and Polish.

ATTENTION: price of the book with 5% VAT.

As a matter of unique character and limited edition of the book after placing the order please wait until we confirm the availability of this product.

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