"Dueling" Light Gloves

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Fencing Gloves designed for HEMA training with light weapon such as light saber, épée or rapier. They are not meant to be used with Feder or heavy sword.

With foam filling quilted on cuff, metacarpus and fingers. Cuff has a slit fastened with Velcro tape.

Gloves are available as a pair.

Version 1.1 (17/12/2013) - new synthetic leather has been introduced (grey).


Size Palm girth Measurement method
S - 8 22cm Rozmiar rękawicy
M - 9 23cm
L - 10 24cm
XL - 11 25cm
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Fabric: synthetic leather, cotton, filling: foam

Weight: 0,25kg

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Ocena Klientów: 5
Ocena Klientów: 5
Protection quality
Ocena Klientów: 5
Ocena Klientów: 5
matthew (2015-05-03 13:57:03)

Had these for a year now give brillant protection for training and light sparring, good for getting your hands and wrists used to wearing gloves for when you make the jump to heavier protection.

Ocena Klienta: 5
Ocena Klienta: 5
Protection quality
Ocena Klienta: 5
Ocena Klienta: 5

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