Cutting Diagram for Polish Sabre

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A cutting diagram presenting basic 12 directions of attack with weapon simulator, helpful in training on one's own. This training diagram is dedicated to Polish sabre and it also consists names of cuts with descriptions.

This cutting diagram for Polish sabre is placed on a fabric pleasant to the touch. It has tunnels on both edges – upper and lower. These make a product easier to hang on the wall.

Our cutting instruction is inspired by "Treatise on Fencing" Michał Starzewski from 1830. It is dedicated to training with Polish sabre.

How to cut with a Polish sabre?

Our cutting diagram has names of attacks in original, Old Polish language, with English description:

  • w brew - from above to the forehead
  • w pion - from below to the belly
  • w ręb - from high to the left shoulder
  • od lew - from high to the right shoulder
  • nyżkiem - right diagonal cut upwards
  • pod lew - left diagonal cut upwards
  • w pierś - to the left side of the torso
  • w łęg - to the right side of the torso
  • w lic - to the left cheek
  • w zerk - to the right cheek
  • w trok - to the left hip
  • w kłęb - to the right hip
Additional informations

length: 150 cm
width: 75 cm
size of openings: 5 cm

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