AP HEMA Jacket PRO 350N

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New model of AP HEMA jacket is a combination of wearing comfort with high level of durability. The design is based on previous model (1.1), highly valued among the HEMA devotees.

It is equipped with fasteners for mounting an additional overlays – detachable, specially schaped, plastic elements. It lets you use the jacket without necessity of wearing additional overlays. You save your time which you may spent for training instead of wasting it for the preparing.

To increase the durability level the jacket has additional layer of leather in front, attached with Velcro tapes. It improves the effectiveness of durability without lessening the wearing comfort. The construction consists of layers such as: outer layer (made of cotton fabric), amortization layer and inside lining (same colour as outer).

Also the collar has been changed, redesigned to make it more fit-to-shape of the body. As in previous model collar has a blade-catcher on the larynx.

Thanks to the new design, the AP HEMA Jacket PRO is perfect, comprehensive solution recommended to all HEMA enthusiasts. It offers high level of durability along with very good wearing comfort letting users fully enjoy the trainings.

The set includes: jacket, leather front and plastic overlays (8 pcs).


Main features:
- zipper and Velcro fastening
- additional mounting for plastic overlays on shoulders
- blade-catcher
- additional leather torso plate
- shape designed for high level of mobility

The jacket is made of fabrics which have a 350N puncture resistance.


AP HEMA Jacket PRO 350N V2.0 (09/2015)
• The fabrics have 350N puncture resistance.
• The construction of the jacket was strengthened.
• More durable zip.


AP HEMA Jacket PRO V1.2 (07/2014)
Outher fabric has been changed to obtain higher resistance. Basis weight of the fabric is now minimum 750g/m2.
02/2013 - Zipper has been replaced by new, much stronger type.


You can modify your jacket by way of embroidery.

Antibacterial dryers from the Repair and Maintenance Kit absorb moisture, keeping your jacket in good condition.


Standard sizes table: (+/- 1cm)

Size S M L XL
Sleeve length 64cm 67cm 67cm 68cm
Chest range 54cm 58cm 62cm 67cm
Chest girth 85-100cm 95-115cm 100-120cm 110-130cm
Hips range 48cm 55cm 59cm 66cm
Waist girth 75-85cm 85-95cm 95-110cm 110-130cm
Total length 61cm 66cm 66cm 66cm





If you are interested in buying a jacket for a left-handed person, include such information in "additional information" box while placing an order. (No additional cost)



The product from the assortment is not personal protective equipment - it is intended for simulating the impression during the study on the treatise techniques. It is not dedicated for fencing or contact sport. If you wish to do contact martial arts, please use personal protective equipment.

Additional informations

Fabric used: cotton

Weight: 3,5kg

Custom size: Please write measurements in the "Customer opinion" space available in your cart in the step before placing the order. For more information please read this.

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