"AP" Fencing Jacket PRO 350N

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New model of AP Fencing Jacket is a combination of wearing comfort with high level of protection. The design is based on previous model (1.1), highly valued among the historical fencing devotees.

It is equipped with fasteners for mounting an additional protection – detachable, specially schaped, plastic pads. It lets you use the jacket as a full protection without necessity of wearing additional protectors. You save your time which you may spent for training instead of wasting it for the preparing.

To increase the protection level the jacket has additional layer of leather in front, attached with Velcro tapes. It improves the effectiveness of protection without lessening the wearing comfort. The construction consists of layers such as: outer layer (made of durable cotton fabric), amortization layer and inside lining (same colour as outer).

Also the collar has been changed, redesigned to make it more fit-to-shape of the body. We added an additional mounting for leather front plate – a torso protector against the stubs. As in previous model collar has a blade-catcher to keep larynx safe.

Thanks to the new design, the AP Fencing Jacket PRO is perfect, comprehensive protection recommended to all historical fencing devotees. It offers high level of protection along with very good wearing comfort letting users fully enjoy the fights and trainings.

The set includes: jacket, leather front and plastic pads (8 pcs).

Main features:
- zipper and Velcro fastening
- additional arm protector fasteners
- mounting point for leather torso plate
- blade-catcher
- additional leather torso plate
- shape designed for high level of mobility

The jacket is made of fabrics which have a 350N puncture resistance certificate.

"AP" Fencing Jacket PRO 350N V2.0 (09/2015)
• The fabrics have been certified 350N puncture resistance.
• The construction of the jacket was strengthened.
• More durable zip.

AP Fencing Jacket PRO V1.2 (07/2014)
Outher fabric has been changed to obtain higher resistance. Basis weight of the fabric is now minimum 750g/m2.
02/2013 - Zipper has been replaced by new, much stronger type.

You can modify your jacket by way of embroidery.

Antibacterial dryers from the Repair and Maintenance Kit absorb moisture, keeping your jacket in good condition.

Standard sizes table: (+/- 1cm)

Size S M L XL
Sleeve length 64cm 67cm 67cm 68cm
Chest range 54cm 58cm 62cm 67cm
Chest girth 85-100cm 95-115cm 100-120cm 110-130cm
Hips range 48cm 55cm 59cm 66cm
Waist girth 75-85cm 85-95cm 95-110cm 110-130cm
Total length 61cm 66cm 66cm 66cm




If you are interested in buying a jacket for a left-handed person, include such information in "additional information" box while placing an order. (No additional cost)

Additional informations

Fabric used: cotton

Weight: 3,5kg

Custom size: Please write measurements in the "Customer opinion" space available in your cart in the step before placing the order. For more information please read this.

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Protection quality
Jason (2013-10-05 21:05:49)

I've had this jacket for about a month now and used it for both drilling and sparring with rapier and steel sword and bshoulder Overall I'm very happy with the jacket, it offers a very good level of protection especially across the chest where the jacket overlaps with itself. The armour plates down the arms are also of good quality and seem robust, the have been struck several times and show very little signs of being hit. The arm plates are also remarkably easy to adjust to the perfect position. Another feature of this jacket that has pleased me is that is doesn't rise up when you lift your arms, in to Guardia alta etc, as a regular fencing jacket does. As far as mobility is concerned I've had no issues, even doing fabrics. The only drawback I found with regards to movement is that the jacket is quite heavy, though obviously this is byproduct of the substantial protection on the jacket and I found I got used to it reasonably quickly. The only flaw I found with the jacket was that in the shoulder their was a very hard point where several pieces of material came together and pushes into your skin which was very uncomfortable until I trimmed it off. To sum up, I adore this jacket. The level of protection is perfect, its comfortable to fight in and it gives me a great feeling of reassurance that if something went wrong the jacket would definitely be of benefit.

Protection quality
Gavin (2014-02-08 22:20:18)

Whilst I've not been doing HEMA as long as some, I've been doing it long enough to try a number of jackets and get a good impression of various kit. This is an excellent piece of kit. Great protection, good mobility, yes .. it's expensive but I'd suggest it's worth it. Some may suggest the plastic plates "over the top" but they save you a bruise or two, especially if you are steel practitioners. (As my instructors say, "just watch you don't get lazy with your arms because they feel safe"). Plus.. If you want to, you can remove the plates. That's actually useful if you want dagger spar or grapple. Movement wise. Doesn't rise up when you arms are raised. Very Comfortable. Nice to be able to do it up from the front. Blade catcher on the neck is good. Most masks fit with it no problem. It's not as easy to move as having no jacket on... but it's pretty good. If I were to suggest improvements. 1. I'm going to add a belt and loops to the waist. I'm kinda gorilla type build .. and the waist can feel a little big for me in my XL. The waist would be nicer if it could be adjusted to "pull in". The nicest way I could think of is to have an adjustable lace up the centre of the back. That would look aesthetically good too. However, I'll just add a belt and loops to adjust mine. 2. The plates can be fiddly to put back if they get knocked off or you remove them. It's difficult to get the Velcro that holds them on back together at times .. Especially if you have the jacket on. You have to take the jacket off to do it and then it's a good bit easier. I'd suggest making the Velcro tabs just a bit longer. Overall... A really nice jacket for HEMA. Well made too. I love it and I'm very happy with the purchase. I'm looking forward to my next bit of kit from you guys too. Ps. Durability.. Not had the jacket that long. Happy so far.. If it's still going strong in a year (which it looks like it will be) I'll write to the guys and ask them to move the rating up to 5.

Gian Luca (2014-08-04 18:40:15)

For sure the best protection for your upper body, but found on the arms, and little mobility on the shoulders, combined with the sweltering heat that is created inside during the fight, do not justify spending four times greater than that which can be done by a seamstress .

Protection quality
Federico (2015-04-18 10:13:34)

Great protection, great mobility even with a double hands weapon. No evident signs of wear after some months of constant use both with metal blades and synthetic. Few moments and you are ready to fight. And a very good look. The only "negative" aspect is the price: high, but how can be expected from a product like this.

Protection quality
Kirby (2015-08-25 08:54:37)

I have had this jacket for the best part of 4 weeks now and I can't be happier with my purchase. To me 4 weeks equates to around 8 hrs of fencing. When I first put it on I felt it was made for me the sleeves and torso length were perfect and the standard armour is pretty to very good. There are a couple of gaps around the wrist area between the sleeve and the SPES heavy gauntlet where I have caught a nasty blow but nothing to compare to what I was getting with my other Gambeson. The armour plates can be a little fiddly to put back on but no real problem with some patience. The throat protection is good and when combined with the SPES Trinity prestige head protector I feel very safe so far. It is far cooler to wear than my first gambeson and quicker to get on and off. These products have just about become the uniform with my fencing group as we all feel the same way. Keep uptake good work. I personally would and will by another Axel Pederson jacket in the future though I expect that SPES might have a similarly excellent product by then, as this jacket won;t wear out anytime soon.

Protection quality
Austin (2016-03-04 17:24:18)

Excellent product, I have been training using this jacket for several months now, and it has held up very well! The modular design is great, as it allows you to remove the protective plates if not needed, as well as the leather layer on the front (which I recommend if you are using it in a warm environment). The mobility of this design is great, as the arm design does not inhibit movement greatly. The only true wear and tear I have experienced is some scuffing on the protective arm/shoulder plates, which is only cosmetic. I would recommend this product wholeheartedly to anyone looking for an all-purpose fencing jacket. The cost is a bit steep, but it is clearly built to last, and you wont be needing any others anytime soon!

Protection quality
Oliver (2016-04-13 13:56:21)

A very good product! I have it for 4 months now, and very pleased with it. The protection of the jacket is good, the mobility is just exellent, much better than my previouse gambeson. I don't know how long the plastic plates will last, they looks all right so far. The only problem I have with them that the upper arm protection has a habit to get torn of from the jacket by our feders, and it wouldn't be a problem, but it is a little bit slow and complicated to put it back again with the fastenings. On the other hand, it saves it from being damaged, which is good. I can recommend the jacket for any fencer who needs good protection, even for competitions.

Protection quality

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