Aluminium training simulator v.TEST

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A one-handed aluminium sword dedicated to HEMA trainings. Dace and pommel are made of high quality stainless steel. A blade has a curved ending to increase safety during training. Pommel has a shape of a thaler, and a handle is wrapped in a black tape for better grip.

Our aluminium sword was designed for sparrings and practicing blocking, parrying, and dodging. Appropriate center of gravity gives this training sword a proper balance.

It will work out for both beginning and advanced HEMA practitioners.


HEMA training with an aluminium sword

For best protection during HEMA training with this type of aluminium sword, we suggest using a proper body covers. Most important are groin protector, mask protecting face and eyes, and mask overlay.

Total length: ~ 95 cm
Blade's length: ~ 78 cm
Handle length: ~ 17 cm
Center of gravity: ~ 12 cm
Weigth: 0,9 kg

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