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The assortment gathered in this category will certainly be appreciated by all for whom fencing, this unusual sport, has become a passion. Protectors in our offer have been sorted into categories which helps you find what you are looking for quick and easy. Regardless of if you are interested in the historical fencing or the modern fencing you should certainly care to provide for yourself the maximum safety during competition. We would like to invite you to get familiar with our offer.

  • "Officer" Fencing Jacket 350N 189.00 PLN 153.66 PLN net

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    "Officer" Fencing Jacket 350N is based on classic historical fencing outfits patterns. It was inspired by Alfred Hutton’s persona.

    The jacket can be used for light historical fencing trainings. Its low weight is the greatest asset. The fabric, from which it has been made, has a 350N puncture resistance certificate.

    The jacket has a blade catcher, a zipper, snaps, a belt at the back to control the girth of the jacket, mountings on elbows and strenghtened shoulders. The padding is made of a breathable spacing mesh, it absorbs heat and moisture and lets the air go through the jacket.

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