Block printing on HEMA jacket? WHY NOT?

Lately our blog activity is focused on custom HEMA projects. To be honest, it’s hard to talk about anything else, as your need for personalized gear seems to be growing.

However, what we like here is the fact that we are using various tools in implementing your ideas. So far, we have made modifications like inserts in contrastive colors, making a recognizable theme (like in the “Star Trek AP”), contrastive stitchings (like in the “Warhammer project” or “Spidey AP”), or modified design, giving the gear a completely fresh look. This time we’ll make some stamps on fabric.

Block printing – from the Middle Ages to our workshop

Block printing used to decorate clothing is a technique described in the 13th century by Cennino Cennini in his work ‘Il Libro dell’ Arte’. To put it briefly, in this method one prepares a stamp (traditionally in wood) by carving a pattern inside it (usually with plant or animal motif), and pressing it side by side on fabric. This technique allows for combining various patterns, creating new motifs.

We’ve been using this method for many years preparing the printed fabric for SPES Medieval Market. For HEMA equipment, it’s the first time we are reaching for Cennini’s knowledge.

HEMA gear with a hint of magic

A customer interested in personalized gear contacted us with a set of images of costume from the CRPG game. The costume belongs to a wizard character and what caught our eyes was a kind of golden pattern on a purple base. It was certain that making a stitching of such complexity would be impossible, but… Yes, it may be a good occasion to try block printing for the first time in our HEMA gear.

We have prepared a project based on the AP 350N model. The purple base is diversified with elements in contrastive brown color, to give an impression that a costume is worn on the other layer of clothing. Interesting feature of this jacket are the “shoulder wings”, loosely inspired by Renaissance fashion and giving the good old AP model a completely new look. What’s more, this gear has been lengthened, reaching the half of the thigh, which makes it more similar to our inspiration.

After preparing a sewing pattern and cutting out the elements, the block printing began. We’ve chosen a pomegranate motif used before in the dress of Queen Margrethe, printed with a gilding acrylic paint which is lasting and which can be washed.

And that’s it. The result is interesting and definitely eye-catching. How do you like the idea of block printing on HEMA clothing?


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